Founded in 2017, Simone Ventures Private Limited opened its doors with Mumbai’s Rolex boutique. Backed by over two decades of hands-on experience in the luxury watch industry both in India and overseas, our founder has been an immense contributor to the way we see the watch industry of the country today.


The world’s leading luxury watch brand selects its retail partners with the utmost care and consideration. Simone Ventures is honoured to partner with Rolex in launching a monobrand watch boutique in the city. The boutique gives to its clients unparalleled technical guidance and advice and exceptional service ensuring that every client that comes to the boutique leaves with the complete Rolex customer experience.


The listing of ever-increasing clients owes itself to our work ethic and personal attention to detail. Coupled with our founder’s sound advice, astute market experience and knowledge of the watch industry, Simone Ventures has an unrivaled reputation for quality and expertise that resonates with the brand’s ideology of Legacy of Excellence.


The Simone Ventures’ Rolex Boutique is headquartered in a heritage building located in a luxury shopping district, it is a stone’s throw away from the Arabian Sea – in South Mumbai.

Helmed by Mr Jay Makhijani, the Simone Ventures’ team mirrors the brand’s objective of providing the highest standards of quality and service and take immense pride ensuring the same is recreated for each customer that visits the boutique.